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Spring is sprunging! April 08 2015

I have mentioned how much I love the seasons and weather - and now the wild flowers have started to pop up in the woods. I love the crocus, crocuses, maybe crocii?

Here is a bit of trivia about Crocuses..

Saffron is a spice obtained from the stigmas of the flower of Crocus sativus Linnaeus, commonly known as Rose of Saffron. Crocus sativus Linnaeus belongs to the family of Iridaceae and it is characterized for having a purple flower with red stigmas and yellow stamens.



Emeralds and feathers February 21 2015

There is a very nice place that we like to have breakfast at when we go to Santa Fe. It's called the San Marcos Cafe - but it's also a feed store.

So among the clientele in side, the outside is full of chickens, turkey, geese, horses and peacocks roaming around ! 



You have to have Sunglasses! January 26 2015

I do have to say that one of the things I love love love about Colorado is the weather. Seriously, 300 days of sunshine per year. But the other thing I like about it, is a strange contrast between England and here. You see... one thing that I don't like about Colorado is the way buildings go up, seemingly overnight. So,  a beautiful pasture where I used to ride horses, is now a huge development with houses on top of each other. It's so unsettling coming back to Colorado after being away a couple of weeks and seeing a new home sitting right on the view that I used to think was gorgeous!  

Whereas something I always love about going back to the place where I grew up in England, is that it pretty much remains the same. In England I would go back to the same place where the pub has been since 1650, and the same field, the same gate, the beautiful old trees. BUT the thing I don't like in England is the weather. The weather can drone on and on and on and be the same gloomy heavy clouds with rain and cold for months on end. The weather leaves one a little depressed because you have no idea when it may get better... whereas in Colorado, the weather may be 8 inches of snow one day and beautiful sunshine the next. In Colorado you HAVE to have sunglasses in your car because you know with certainty that it's going to get sunny and you will need them! This week has been a perfect example! Here are some of my snaps when out walking.

Just sayin'. Love sunglasses.



Big Sky - Colorado! January 17 2015

Most visitors from outside the US remark that one thing they love here is the BIG sky. You have a sense of space, and room to move, breathe, live - absorb all the sunshine and views for miles. I never ever get tired of the sky in Colorado. Living where we are, we see the most amazing sunsets and sunrises. Here are a few recent shots!



Walk About November 25 2014 1 Comment

Grabbing the camera and taking three cats and a border collie out on a walk together is not the best recipe for taking thoughtful photographs! The kitties get the best of me ! 






The Cold Facts November 17 2014

I've been outside in the chilly weather making an effort to capture some of the cold beauty. I love it when the trees are all flocked and the morning light turns a piece of grass into a shining jewel glistening in the golden sun. In any weather it would be true to say that light and shadows are the essence of a photograph. However, when there has been a frost the night before,  the morning light is like a fairy tale - magical - something from Narnia! To be able to capture a snapshot of nature that you may not notice normally - maybe even a good shot!

Here are a few I took this week.




 caught in the middle!


Launched! November 11 2014

So this will be the launch blog for my e-commerce website.  I have to say that it's easier to procrastinate and get it all perfect before launching. Well... it's going live today - and it's easy to change things so .............. if there are glaring errors, or broken links, incorrect descriptions, or just plain idiotic whatevers, then you can email me at and let me know!